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Yoga & Pilates Classes are all 8 week sessions

     $100  ~  1 class per week

     $180  ~  2 classes per week  


All classes are beginner / all levels with a maximum of 10 students

so teachers can give extra help and adjustments as needed.

(Corona Virus Restrictions- During this time of dangerous viral spread we are limiting our classes to a maximum of 4 "in person" students.

Zoom classes are available for the Monday and Thursday evening classes.)


Yoga classes include relaxing exercises which relieve tension and restore good health, breathing techniques for a higher level of vitality, and meditation for calmness and clarity of mind. A regular hatha yoga practice can create flexibility, build strength, coordination, stamina and concentration. Working with the body, mind and breath through practice will help you release physical and mental tensions. Yoga improves the functioning of your whole body, from muscles and bones to digestion and circulation. Yoga is not mind over body- It is harmony between them.

Mondays​   (On Hold at this time)

  • 5:30-6:45pm ~ with Demi Spyropolus

  • 7-8:15pm ~ with Demi Spyropolus


  • 6:30-7:45pm ~ with MaryBeth McDermott


  • 10-11:15am ~ with Maureen Ryan


  • 6-7:15pm ~ gentle class with Demi Spyropolus

  • 8-9:15p ~ restorative class with Demi Spyropolus

yoga Body & Soul Palos Heights
Pilates (mat work)

Pilates is a challenging and rewarding exercise program when practiced regularly. Regular practice will produce longer, leaner muscles, improved core strength, improved balance, coordination and memory, enhanced athletic performance and improved mind-body awareness.


A combination of classical and contemporary Pilates will be presented.


The Pilates method of body conditioning  is based on the key principles of:

  • Proper breathing

  • Concentration 

  • Control

  • Initiating movement from the core

  • Precision of movement

  • Balanced muscle development

  • Rhythm and flow of each exercise


  • 5:30 - 6:30pm ~ with Maureen Kelly

pilates Body & Soul Palos Heights IL
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