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Tropical Fruits

Nutrition, Enzymes &
Herbal Therapy

We believe the root cause of almost all illness can be found in the diet.  Lack of proper nutrition leads to stress, and stress leads to dis-ease.  


During your nutritional consult we will:

  • discuss your health and diet history

  • identify areas you are having difficulty with

  • do a palpation exam

  • assess any supplements you are already taking

  • go over any lab work you bring with

  • and finally, we will work together to find the changes to your diet and lifestyle that will bring you back to health.


Among the extensive list of problems that can be helped with improved diet/digestion and reduced stress are: headaches, digestive issues, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, mood imbalances, body aches, edema, hormonal problems, blood pressure, infertility, skin problems, blood sugar regulation, thyroid imbalance, fibromyalgia and chronic fatugue syndrome.  ​

We carry a variety of quality nutritional supplements (Loomis Enzymes, Pure Encapsulations, Standard Process, Ion Gut Health,

Great Lakes Wellness, and more).

We also make our own blends and customized herbal formulas.

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