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(Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging)

Medical thermography is a diagnostic test that shows the body's reaction to physiological and metabolic processes through changes in skin temperature.  Unlike x-rays etc. which look at structure, Thermography looks at function.

Structural tests can only show dysfunction after there has been a change in the tissue such as damage, blockage, or tumor formation.  However, a change in temperature is one of the first signs of disease.  This is the reason that areas of dysfunction can show up so much earlier with thermography.  Scan results are totally objective and show excellent correlation with other diagnostic tests.  Thermography is non-invasive and completely safe.

Many of our clients come for breast scans as a compliment to other forms of regular breast screening.  Thermography can be extremely valuable for women with dense breast tissue who may not be well visualized with mammography.  Breast thermography can also be started safely at a much earlier age for those with a family history of breast cancer.

Thermal imaging can be done anywhere on the body.  It can be used to identify issues such as: where and how much systemic inflammation you have, subclinical dental inflammations, nerve blockages, sensory-nerve irritation, soft tissue and skeletal injury, ruptured disc, skin abnormalities, superficial and deep vascular disease, arthritis, autoimmune dysfunction and many more.

All of our thermograms are read by MD's that are board certified Thermologists.  You will receive a medical report of findings (including full color scans) within 2-3 business days. 

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