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Hours:  Mon.- Friday  11a - 6p  (by appt. only)

Therapeutic Massage          $40/.5 hr   $85/hr   $125/1.5 hr

     Therapeutic massage is for those suffering from stress, fatigue and non-specific muscle tension.  We use combined techniques from many different modalities to promote healing and deep relaxation throughout the body.  Your therapist may also make suggestions for lifestyle changes, as well as teach you exercises you can do for maintenance.  Some of the techniques used during this treatment may include: muscle/tendon frictioning, ice/heat therapy, active and passive stretching and trigger point therapy as well as relaxation strokes to calm and reset the nervous system.  A small of oil or cream may be used.

Myofascial Therapy          $85/hr   $125/1.5hr

     Myofascial Therapy is primarily concerned with the fascia (connective tissue) that surrounds and forms the muscles.  The fascia provides shape, strength and mobility to every part of our bodies.  This technique is deeply relaxing, but requires near constant interaction between the client and therapist.  We use long, slow and deep stretching strokes along with motion and focused breathing to release the fascial restrictions.  The results are an increased freedom of movement, restored functionality and flexibility.  Clients find that once restrictions are released, their new found freedom is often very long lasting.  This technique is usually employed on one specific problem area per session.  

Structual Integration Therapy          $120/session   $1050/10 session series
Manual Lymhphatic Drainage (MLD)          $80-$120/session (based on complexity)

     Based on the work of Dr. Ida Rolf (Rolfing), Structural Integration uses Myofascial Therapy in a specific order to unravel, realign and balance the fascia surrounding the viscera, muscles and joints.  This helps the body to find support and lift within gravity.  The entire body is addressed in the 10 session format and extra time is spent reorganizing and freeing up long standing problem areas. 

     At the end of your sessions, you will not only stand taller, look better, and move with greater ease, but also have more vitality and an enhanced sense of psychophysical well being.  Most sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and include at home instructions for increased awareness and "ownership" of the changes experienced.  This is truly life changing work!

     The Vodder method of MLD is a very gentle massage technique that is used in the treatment and reduction of edemas and for removal of metabolic wastes (detoxification) and inflammation from the tissues.  This therapy is most often used to relieve the lymphedema experienced after surgery with lymph node removal.  MLD is often combined with compression bandaging and/or garments.  This therapy is also helpful at reducing pain, swelling and recovery time after sprains, strains, surgeries and strokes.  Your doctor may prescribe this treatment for you, so that you can be reimbursed by your health insurance.  Compression garments and bandages, when needed, can be measured for and purchased from your therapist as well.

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