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Meet the Staff

Liz Lonergan, RN, LMT, MLD, CST, CCT
Liz Lonergan massage thermography MLD Body & Soul Palos Heights

     In 1996, Liz founded the Center for Body and Soul. She is a graduate of Chicago School of Massage Therapy and the Vodder® School of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. In 1999, Liz became certified in Advanced Structural Integration (through CSMT) and incorporates the teachings of Ida Rolf into her daily practice. She is a certified Digestive Health Specialist and Enzyme Therapist (Loomis Institute), and a Certified Clinical Thermographer (Duke University and ACCT). Liz loves to teach her clients about their bodies and how they work. She enjoys painting, sewing, gardening and a lifelong study of herbs and herbal medicine making as well as yoga and a daily meditation practice.

Ricky Rogala, LMT, CST, CCT
Ricky Rogala myofascial structural integration thermography

     Ricky is co-owner of the Center for Body and Soul. In 2002, he graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has done extensive training in Myofascial Therapy over the years. Ricky has been studying and practicing Structural Integration Therapy for many years and became certified through the Chicago College of Healing Arts. He is a Certified Digestive Health Specialist and Enzyme Therapist through the Loomis Institute, and is also a Certified Clinical Thermographer, through Duke University and ACCT. Ricky loves music and plays many instruments. He's also a fantastic woodworker and artist.

MaryBeth McDermott, Yoga Instructor

     Mary Beth has been practicing yoga for many years. She received her certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago and is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. It is with great joy that she assists students as they journey toward balance and unity of body, mind and spirit through the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Colleen Thorne, Yoga Instructor

     As a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor, Colleen appreciates practicing and sharing these forms of self-care that keep our bodies working to their fullest potential. Since her yoga teacher training at the Temple Of Kriya Yoga (2011), Colleen has taught Hatha Yoga with a focus on practice that strives to bring the body back into balance while quieting the mind and leaving with a sense of rest and relaxation.

Maureen Lally, Yoga Instructor
Maureen Lally yoga Body & Soul Palos Heights

     Along with her 200-hour Yoga teacher certification, Maureen has trained in the art of therapeutic yoga.  She loves to share her passion for therapeutic yoga, believing that it can benefit anyone regardless of any limitations or injuries they may have.  She truly enjoys the focus on alignment, knowing it is beneficial to the beginner and seasoned yogi. 

Maureen Ryan, Yoga Instructor

Maureen trained at the Himalyan Institute. She teaches many gentle styles of yoga including: slow Hatha, Pranayama breathwork, Restorative and Yin yoga, and Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

Mary Lynn Colosimo, Yoga & Meditation Instructor
MaryLynn Colosimo yoga meditation Body & Soul Palos Heights

     Mary Lynn has pursued spiritual practices since she was a young woman, and yoga has added a physical experience that cultivated strength, grace, and increased health for her. She completed her teacher training program at Soderworld with Anusara-Inspired instructors. She transmits yoga and meditation to her students providing the love and grace with which she has been taught. She continues her education at various conferences in the Midwest.

Maureen Kelly, Pilates Instructor
Maureen Kelly pilates Body & Soul Palos Heights

     Maureen studied dance and music/theatre at Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music.  She has taught dance in New York and Los Angeles, and she started doing Pilates before most people knew how to pronounce it!  She studied Classical Pilates in California with Jill Cassady.  She likes to share Pilates with others because Pilates is so good for you and your body, and it is fun to do.

Wilbur & Teddy
Teddy & Wilbur welcomers Body & Soul Palos Heights

     We'd like to introduce you to our furry folk, Ricky's dog Teddy  and Liz's dog Wilbur. They are both rescues.  They are both at the office every day, so if you come by, they will be very happy to greet you by peeking their noses out from under the desk.

Demi Spyropolus, Yoga Instructor

Demi had been practicing yoga for several years when she realized she wanted to dive deeper into her practice and share her knowledge with others.  Demi received her 200 hour certification in 2016, and has been teaching ever since.  Demi specializes in Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga, helping her students to relax and let go.

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